YouTube Premiere: Blockchains, Fact and Fiction - a legal perspective

This video was filmed in July 2019 as part of The Open University Business and Law Festival, during The Open University's 50th Anniversary celebrations. #OU50 Following the announcement from Facebook that they will launch their own cryptocurrency (Libra) in 2020 interest in blockchains and claims about their potential continue to grow. Karen Foley interviews John Domingue and Dr Robert Herian, who will very briefly explain what this technology is and then explore its implications for the legal arena. Their shared viewpoint is based on experiences in implementing and deploying blockchains in a variety of contexts and working with and advising a wide variety of players including startups and large companies and the European Commission.


Open University in £40m campaign to create more computer scientists

The Open University in Milton Keynes is at the heart of a £40 million drive by the Government to help train more computer scientists. It is leading one of the five main themes – on university learners – being addressed at the new Institute of Coding.

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John Domingue – The Future of Education

Professor John Domingue, Director of the OU’s Knowledge Media Institute, discusses developments in technology which he sees impacting on education in the long and short term as part of our ‘future of education’ campaign.

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Could blockchain technology improve our elections?

Lecturer in Law, Dr Robert Herian, active in the Citizenship and Governance Strategic Research Area at the OU.

Dr Robert Herian, The Open University

The blockchain revolution: will universities use it, or abuse it?

Web 3.0 could revolutionise the way higher education is delivered, but will it be used as a force for good, asks Martin Hall

Martin Hall, The Times – Higher Education

How blockchain could be used to make trusts more transparent

Amid the outcry over David Cameron’s tax affairs is the UK prime minister’s intervention in 2013 to block EU transparency rules regarding offshore trusts. It was decided that trusts should not be held to the same standards as companies when it came to…

Robert Herian, The Conversation

Learning is Earning 2026

Imagine it's ten years in the future. You are one of ONE BILLION people who are using a new technology to track their learning and income. This new technology is know as THE LEDGER.

Institute for the Future (IFTF)

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