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Multi-sig Payment Demo
Multi-sig Payment Demo
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John Domingue – The Future of Education

Professor John Domingue, Director of the OU’s Knowledge Media Institute, discusses developments in technology which he sees impacting on education in the long and short term as part of our ‘future of education’ campaign.

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Webinar Slidewiki's Open Education Trials & Semantic Blockchain

In this webinar, Alexander Mikroyannidis and Allan Third present the applications of Blockchain in education and the importance of the Semantic Blockchain. They also present their work in the H2020 SlideWiki project, which supports the collaborative authoring of open courseware.

This event took place on the Tuesday 14th August 2018

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Blockchain Europe Roundtable

30th October 2018, Hotel Thon Bristol Stephanie, Brussels

The Blockchain Europe Roundtable is a meeting and discussion platform for EU policy makers, EU agencies, member states and competent bodies, academics and industry leaders to reach an EU-wide consensus to support effective management of blockchain applications.